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Dyslexia Scotland Glasgow 2012

TSF Legacy Event, May 2015
'Successful Futures' report launch Cardiff Feb 2015 
KeyCoNet Brussels Nov 2014
BESA Keynote June 2014
OECD Follow-UP Wales, June 2014
Teacher Leadership, Cambridge April 2014
SCEL Fellowship Launch March 2014


ICSEI Jogjakarta Jan 2014

Teacher Standards Conference, Zagreb Dec 2013
SERA Keynote November 2013
SE Asia Ministers' Conference, OECD Bangkok October 2013
EU Leadership Conference, Lithuania Sept 2013 
International Workshop, Montenegro June 2013 
TEAN Conference, Birmingham
OECD Oslo April 2013
ATEPIE Sarejevo April 2013​ 

EU Irish Presidency March 2013

Royal Society of Edinburgh History Feb 2013

SSERC Science November 2012

Tapestry 'flying with geese' November 2012

Holyrood Conference October 2012

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