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James IV - A Renaissance King, Blackie 1974

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Industry and Scottish Schools (1980), Scottish Council Development and Industry

1984 -  2010, all publications were as part of HM Inspectorate of Education. Refer to Education Scotland website.

League Tables and Ranking in Education (2010) in Education Systems Under Pressure, Revue Internationale d'Education de Sèvres  Sept 2010.

Teaching Scotland’s Future, Scottish Government 2011

Series of Comment articles for Times Educational Supplement Scotland, 2011 – date

Review of Evaluation and Assessment in Australia (2011), OECD

Review of Evaluation and Assessment in Portugal (2012), OECD

The Twenty-First Century Professional (2013), Centre for Educational Policy, Editors Vodovic & Velkovski

Bratislava Memorandum, SICI 2013

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Work-based Learning in Teacher Education: A Scottish Perspective (2014) co-author  in Work-based Learning in Teacher Education, Springer

Successful Futures (2015), the Welsh Government

Improving Schools in Sweden (2015) OECD


Teaching Scotland's Future

A review of Teacher Education in Scotland                         

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Comments on the Report
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Times Educational Supplement Scotland

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